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ニュース | 13.02.2020

Phnom Penh – Cambodia Angkor Air has just introduced the newly launched Ancillary Service into their system, which will better serve the customers throughout the duration of their travel with the national flag carrier airline. This allows customers to plan their trip ahead of their flight by choosing additional service features that will be tailored to their needs.

Customer can buy the optional services on the website, or all Branch Offices of Cambodian Angkor Air in Cambodia, Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh city. The Ancillary Service is including:

Extra Baggage Option: This service allows passengers to carry extra baggage beyond the standard baggage weight allowance for their flight. The extra weight allowance purchased through Ancillary Service comes at a reduced cost as opposed to the purchase made at the check-in counter.

Preferred Seat Option: Passengers can book their desired seats of choice on the aircraft before check-in, such as window seat, aisle seat, bulk-head seat or any other special type of seat which they desire. Specific seating arrangements vary depending on the aircraft model operated.

Hot Meal Option for routes between Cambodia - China: This option gives customers full control over their in-flight meal and guarantees their meal of choice. However, Cambodia Angkor Air recommends pre-purchasing meal 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

C Lounge Option for all international routes: Passengers can purchase this option to access services in international C Lounges while waiting for their flight at the airport.

Souvenir Option: This option allows passengers to buy souvenir gifts from ticketing agents or Cambodia Angkor Air’s website before check-in. All gifts and other items purchased will be subsequently delivered in-flight.

Travel Insurance Option: Offers travel insurance policy from insurance companies for passengers on Cambodia Angkor Air’s flights departing from China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Helps protect passengers’ trip investment by taking the worry out of unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt their plans (trip cancellation, loss or damage to check-in baggage, baggage delay, flight delay, misconnection, or medical assistance).

Meet and Assist Service (MAAS): Through MAAS, first-time travelers or those requiring additional help will be greeted at the departure gate with a passenger name tag. They will also receive assistance with application for visa-on-arrival, baggage claim, and connecting flights.

Having just celebrated their 9th anniversary, Cambodia Angkor Air expects the newly launched Ancillary Service will raise the bar for customer satisfaction as well as facilitate and enhance their travel experience with the airline.



ニュース | 13.02.2020



ニュース | 13.02.2020

カンボジアの国営航空会社-カンボジアアンコール航空(K6)は、2016年12月16日にシェムリアップ(REP)と中国(北京)(BJS)間の新しい直行便を開始することを発表しました。カンボジアアンコール航空は週3便を運航します。 ..